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Electrical Jobs That Should Be Left To A Professional, and Why

In modern times, the possibilities of expanding your knowledge are endless. By way of the Internet, we are able to explore, problem-solve, and learn how to do things alone that we never thought were ...
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What Does the New LED "watt" Mean?

We all would like to cut costs whenever possible but when it comes to light bulbs, cheaper is definitely not better. Technology grows when there is a want or a need for improvement and it has now ...
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How To Test If An Outlet Is Working Properly.

At Kalahari Electrical we want to help keep you informed on everything electric. We are well-established Atlanta electrical contractors and are available for our your needs. Often times we go to our ...
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Electrical Fires

Every year, it is estimated that 28,300 electrical fires caused 360 deaths, 1000 injuries, and almost 1 billion in direct loss. Here at Kalahari Electric we want to inform you how you can avoid ...
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