Electrical Fires

electrical fires atlanta

Every year, it is estimated that 28,300 electrical fires caused 360 deaths, 1000 injuries, and almost 1 billion in direct loss. Here at Kalahari Electric we want to inform you how you can avoid electrical fires and keep your family and your belongings safe.

Faulty Wiring and Old Appliances

Make sure to check all of your wall outlets! Often times electrical outlets need to be replaced if they are loose or old. If you are using older appliances make sure to check your wires. If you have any frayed wiring make sure and get rid of that appliance as it is extremely susceptible to an electrical fire.

Installing Bulbs with Too high of Wattage

Whenever you are using different light bulbs make sure that it is the right wattage for the fixture. If the wattage is too high it can cause an electrical fire!

Outdated Wiring

Please be aware that if your home is over 20 years old, you could have outdated electrical wiring and be susceptible to an electrical fire. Homes were not wired for the massive about of electronics that we use today and can cause a home’s system to overload.

Electrical Fires are very serious and it is important that you know where you are at risk. If you do find that your outlets need updating or that your wiring is outdated please contact us at Kalahari Electrical. We are Atlanta electrical contractors and we want to help keep your home safe from electrical fires for years to come.

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