What Does the New LED “watt” Mean?

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We all would like to cut costs whenever possible but when it comes to light bulbs, cheaper is definitely not better. Technology grows when there is a want or a need for improvement and it has now become a necessity to save money on electricity with sustainable options. There are now so many different light bulbs to choose from that one may find their self in disarray while shopping. To better understand your options, there are a few definitions worth learning.

“Old school” light bulbs, or incandescent bulbs, were measured in watts and for the most part, they were self-explanatory. If you wanted a brighter light, you would go for the bulb with the most wattage. Now there is a new term of measurement called Lumens, which is being used to measure the LED bulb. In case you haven’t heard, incandescent light bulbs are being federally phased out in favor of the Light Emission Diode bulb.

Fluorescent bulbs are still a good mid-point choice but for the sake of calculations, we’ll focus on the high and low-end.

Imagine the light that emits from a birthday candle. Now stand one foot away from it. The end result would be about the same light as one Lumen. Lumens are used to measure the actual output of light whereas watts tell you the amount of electricity used to light the bulb. A 60-watt incandescent bulb will produce 800 lumens. Alternatively, a LED bulb producing the same amount of lumens will only use about 8 watts! Presumably at first, LED bulbs appear more expensive. However upon further comparison of the life span and the amount of energy consumption used, you will end up spending upwards of 4 times the amount by buying incandescent bulbs, an investment return that will manifest itself in just a few weeks. Not to mention, the price of incandescent bulbs will continually rise in order to sway consumers away from them as the cost of LED decreases.

It is important to get the idea of choosing light bulbs by the number of watts out of your mind. LED labels will showcase a lower wattage but that does not mean it will put out less light. If you are searching for a way to light your kitchen or any other area of your home with LED then remember, the higher a number of lumens, the brighter the light. Still having a hard time deciphering? Search for the energy star symbol and study the labels for help configuring the lumens per watts average. For more energy efficient, electrical options or to simply pick the brains of some of the best electricians in Atlanta, contact Kalahari Electrical Services. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions.

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