Consumer Electrical Safety Guides

Be smart when working with Electricity

Safe electrical tips

  • Use the right light bulbs in all lamps and light fixtures.
  • Look inside the light fixture. Find a label that tells you which light bulb size (wattage) is right for the fixture.
  • The electrical outlet in the bathroom should have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI.) This is a tool that protects you from a dangerous shock when water and electricity come together. An electrician can install a GFCI for you.
  • All electrical outlets and switches should be covered by “faceplates”.
  • All electrical cords should be in good condition.
  • Don’t tie or knot cords. Don’t let furniture sit on or rugs and carpets cover cords.
  • Look for the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) mark on the label when you buy electrical appliances (such as toasters, microwaves or coffee makers) and cords.
  • Unplug toaster ovens, coffee makers and other small appliances after using them.
  • Keep appliances dry and away from water at all times.
  • Don’t plug in too many appliances at once.
  • Call an electrician if your lights flicker, or if your power goes out a lot.

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