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Keeping Homes & Businesses Safe

In the modern world, electricity is essential. Whether it is a residential home or a commercial property, there’s not much you can do without the use of electricity. It is vitally important that your electrical system is up to the state’s safety standards. This is especially true for commercial facilities — any potential incident as a result of not following electrical codes could turn disastrous. Kalahari Electrical Services can help safeguard you against such an incident.

Let us help protect your home or commercial space with a comprehensive electrical safety inspection in Lawrenceville or anywhere across Metro Atlanta. Call us at (678) 673-3409!

Your Safety Is Important

Our highly skilled experts can help you with all your electrical safety needs. We can carry out both residential electrical inspection and commercial electrical inspection services. Many Atlanta businesses risk the integrity of their business and the safety of their workers and customers by having electrical systems that are in violation of the electrical safety code. If code violations are found by a safety inspector, you risk being fined, or worse. If you have just moved into a new commercial space, it is important to commit to an electrical safety inspection as soon as possible. It is also important that you periodically have your wiring checked. This is because faults can develop over time. Don’t risk your business by not taking electrical safety inspection seriously.

Service with Minimal Disruption

We will work closely with you to ensure the electrical wiring inspection causes a minimal amount of disruption possible. When it comes to a commercial property inspection, it might not always be possible for the inspection to be done outside of business hours. If this is the case, we will minimize the disruption of your day-to-day operations as little as possible. The real disruption comes from having to close your business due to a safety inspector uncovering a code violation.

Ensure Your Family’s Safety

Faulty electrical systems are one of the main causes of a house fire. Don’t risk your home and your family’s safety. If you have never had a home electrical inspection, now is the time.

The benefits of an electrical inspection in Lawrenceville include:

  • Keeps you and other building occupants safe
  • Catches small issues before they worsen
  • Improves the energy efficiency of your electrical system
  • Saves you money on major repairs or sudden replacements

If there are any faults to be found, you can rest assured we will find it. We often discover lighting fixtures that have been installed unsafely. We will perform a full inspection of all your light fittings and identify any potential hazards. We will then be able to fit a safe replacement. Don’t risk an electrical fire — have your electrical systems evaluated by professionals.

Get Peace of Mind

The vast majority of electrical issues that occur in the United States could have been easily avoided if the issues had been identified sooner by a professional. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, we will find and eliminate any electrical faults there might be. Call us today and we will arrange a time to come and perform a thorough evaluation of your property. Once we have inspected your electrical system, you can rest easy knowing that your electricity should run flawlessly.

Schedule your electrical inspection in Lawrenceville or the Atlanta Metro today at (678) 673-3409.

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