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Whole House Surge Protector When Only The Best Will Do

Lawrenceville Whole-House Surge Protector

Keep Your Home & Electronics Safe

A surge protector can help to protect the electronic devices in your home in the event of a power surge. Here in the United States, the frequencies at which there are disruptions to the electrical grid are on the rise. These disruptions can result in power surges, which can cause serious damage to the electronic devices in your home if you are not properly protected. Every day, people’s expensive electronics are put out of commission by these surges. Don’t let this happen to you — let us equip your home with a whole-house surge protector to protect you in the event of a power surge.

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We Can Save You Thousands

A professionally installed surge protector can potentially save you thousands of dollars, making it well worth the initial investment cost. Just think how many electronic devices you have plugged into your home’s electricity supply. In the event of a power surge, these devices will potentially be completely fried.

We can also help to save you money on your insurance payments. If you tell your insurance company you have had a home surge protector fitted, then it is likely they will offer you a significant discount on your payments. This is due to the fact you are significantly less likely to have to claim for damaged electronics.

How Common Are Surges?

The average home in the United States experiences around 20 power surges a day. Of course, it is rare for one of these to do any significant damage. Another risk factor is the 20 million lightning strikes that occur every year in the country. Without the right protection, lightning strikes could cause a whole lot of damage to your home and your electronic devices. Homeowners are often shocked to find that their home insurance policy will not cover them in the event of a lightning strike. The best way to protect yourself is to hire a professional company to install a power surge protector.

Other causes of power surges include:

  • The sudden return of power after an outage
  • Overloaded outlets or circuits
  • High-power electrical appliances and devices
  • Damaged or exposed wiring

How It Works

Electricity will always follow the path of least resistance to ground. A surge protector will redirect any power surges safely to the ground, leaving your electronic devices unscathed. It is important to note that a surge protector is only as good as the grounding system it leads into. We can perform a test to establish whether or not you have proper grounding. In the event that you don’t, we can help you in that department as well.

Protect Your Loved Ones

If you want to protect yourself from being potentially thousands of dollars out of pocket due to a power surge, please give us a call. We will install a surge protection system for your whole house to protect you from power surges without draining your bank account.

Don’t risk your expensive TV or computer being fried invest in quality whole-house surge protection in Lawrenceville or anywhere in the Atlanta Metro. Call (678) 673-3409 today!

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